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Use Cases

Warm Outreach

Case Study: SaaS Warm Outreach for ore booked meetings

Every SaaS spams its new users with emails.
Most of them go unread.

It's even worse when a decision-maker signs up for your service and goes unnoticed or gets lost.

That's where warm outreach comes into play.

We helped neuroflash (Germany's #1 AI content suite) overcome this obstacle.

The result?
More booked meetings with the right people.

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Social Recruiting

Case Study: For Social Recruiting Agencies

Kellerdigital is a social recruiting agency specializing in craftsmen. One of the most important channels for acquiring new customers is “cold” emails.

The agency approached us with an idea:
“Can we download Indeed job ads and obtain the names of the managers and their emails?”

The hypothesis was that those willing to spend money on job ads are more likely to spend money on social recruiting, and clearly, they have a significant need to fill positions.

As a result, 5% of the companies scheduled an appointment, up from 1% in regular campaigns.

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Case Study: AI-Enhanced Talent Outreach

Find Nuggets, a human wouldn’t: An AI can screen more candidates in less time. Therefore uncovering more nuggets.More consistent rating
Generative AI like GPT4 or Mistral do not get tired. Therefore providing more consistent ratings than humans

Engage Humans for higher level tasks
Researchers get higher quality lists to start with. Recruiters have more time to focus on candidate outreach and interaction.

Bonus: AI is quicker than Humans

Success Story – “Head of IT”
6,000 candidates screened
100 cherry-picked & contacted
3 invited by the company
1 perfect match

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Case Study: Lead Generation with Instagram & AI

We scraped over 15,000 Instagram Profiles and extracted relevant data for personalized outreach.

The scraping included: E-Mail-Adress, First and Last Name and Hobbys, based on AI analysis of the captions of the last 12 pictures.

This allowed to create highly personalized outreach.

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Trust Our Customers

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"Working with the Histack.io Team was great—they were full of energy and professionalism. They helped us set up several detailed waterfall tables and recorded detailed SOPs for our team to use after the engagement. Strongly recommend!"

Henrik Roth

Founder of neuroflash

“Histacks speed was impressive. We started with a Blitzprototype to see if scraping companies publishing on Indeed are really good leads – turns out: they are!”

Christian Keller

CEO Kellerdigital

“We completed our first project within 14 days. Histack helped us reach the right influencers fully automated via Instagram.”

David Hess

CEO Fermentead

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The Mavericks

Meet the founders behind Histack, the revolutionary automation agency.

Dennis Tröger

“I like laziness. It makes us more creative”

Konstantin Ristl

“I want to free all humans from unnecessary manual work”.