Free Yourself From Monotonous Tasks

Focus on tasks that really matter.

What task
bores you most?

We are lazy, love software & want to live with ease.

Thats the recipe to create the best automations. If we could, we would free the whole world from tasks no human should do. And as long as computers serve us – let’s see how long it’s going to stay this way – we should leave those tedious tasks to them.

The rise of AI allows us to automate even more tasks than ever before. That’s why we help businesses to automate.

Hard to find:
Good employees

Times are perfect for us: It becomes increasingly more difficult to find good employees. This makes it important to free your precious teammates from tasks they shouldn’t do.

And this won’t change anytime soon.

Good for us.

Two friends

We know each other for years now. The big dream: Building the next SaaS business. Konstantin already build a successful SaaS, Dennis aims for it.

Dennis Tröger

“I like laziness. It makes us more creative”

Konstantin Ristl

“I want to free all humans from unnecessary manual work”.

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